Can Self Build Deliver Significant Housing Numbers?

We all know that the UK has a significant housing problem. Last year 113,340 homes were built in Britain, less than at any time since 1923, despite 230,000 new households being formed each year.

Banks continue to hold back funding for all but a select few. Housebuilders are building but only on the very best sites and are certainly not taking on any risky schemes. And why would they given sales are slow as purchasers continue to struggle to get mortgages and those that

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Over 60% of housing
on the continent is
built by self builders.
In the UK this figure is
currently under 20%

Are you happy living in a generic volume built house when you could plan your living environment to meet your needs?

1 in 5 houses in the UK are currently built by self builders making this the second largest house builder in the UK

6 million people are actively researching how to build their own home - IPSOS Mori 2013

Self build provides housing that is in tune with people's specific housing requirements - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

53% of the population want to build their own home - Building Societies Association Survey 2011

141% rise in mortgages available for those building their own homes over the next three years