Plot Location
Plot Size
Village Farm, Murton 1500 - 1850 sq ft houses No Yes From £115,000 View
Aldcliffe Road, Lancaster Various - 3-5 bedroom homes Yes Yes See Price List View

Why Self Build?

More for your Money

Design Your Environment

Satisfy Your Living Needs

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Over 60% of housing
on the continent is
built by self builders.
In the UK this figure is
currently under 20%

Are you happy living in a generic volume built house when you could plan your living environment to meet your needs?

1 in 5 houses in the UK are currently built by self builders making this the second largest house builder in the UK

6 million people are actively researching how to build their own home - IPSOS Mori 2013

Self build provides housing that is in tune with people's specific housing requirements - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

53% of the population want to build their own home - Building Societies Association Survey 2011

141% rise in mortgages available for those building their own homes over the next three years