Once you have chosen your building plot our team will guide you through the entire custom build journey. A package of services is included in the cost of each Plot and will be specific to each project. The team are also available to discuss any other specific requirements you may have.


The breakdown of costs to construct a home is provided for each of our plots. This is based on building the current design to an indicative specification. Once your design has been customised a revised build price can be agreed with the builder.

The following costs will need to be fixed –

Building Plot Price – This is the price paid for the plot of land

Stamp Duty – This is payable only on the building plot price and not the completed home value offering a significant saving as opposed to buying a built home

Build Cost – This is the price paid to the builder to construct your home

For each of our plots we have also agreed with valuers what the indicative value of each completed home will be. This allows you to understand how much profit you will make by building your own home.

On each of our schemes we work with our partner Buildstore who if required can arrange mortgages from specialist lenders to fund your project.

On some of our schemes we also offer to build your customised home for you (Developer Build Option). This allows you to purchase the completed home from Plot or one of our partners once built. Whilst not benefiting from the financial gains of self build (profit and lower stamp duty) you will not have to pay for your plot and home as each stage is completed whilst still getting the opportunity to customise the home to suit your requirements.



Over 60% of housing
on the continent is
built by self builders.
In the UK this figure is
currently under 20%

Are you happy living in a generic volume built house when you could plan your living environment to meet your needs?

1 in 5 houses in the UK are currently built by self builders making this the second largest house builder in the UK

6 million people are actively researching how to build their own home - IPSOS Mori 2013

Self build provides housing that is in tune with people's specific housing requirements - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

53% of the population want to build their own home - Building Societies Association Survey 2011

141% rise in mortgages available for those building their own homes over the next three years